"Was Done" vs. "Is done"

Once again, the MSM is spinning “American Atrocities” in the news today about Fallujah. Here is how the Chicago Tribune put things:

The interim Iraqi government said Monday that it would allow residents of this decimated city to begin returning to their homes this week, more than a month after the start of the U.S.-led offensive to clear out Iraq (news – web sites)’s most notorious insurgent stronghold.

Significant amounts of rubble have been cleared away, but the city remains a shambles and many homes are in ruins or flattened, according to U.S. Marine commanders and a State Department representative in Fallujah.


So, the common observer would believe that Fallujah was a beautiful place of “Kids Flying Kites” rather than the ramshackled city it was before the US even arrived. How easy it is for the media today to forget that through Saddam’s policies, including the starving of his own people through the Oil for Food Scandal (so that he could erect more extravagant palaces and pay off Palestinian terrorist’s families) and through the torturous months before the US came to free the citizens from their Taliban-like existence that Fallujah was a battered run down terrorized community where Iraqis feared for their lives.

The reality of the current situation is that NOW the community is cleaning up from its dismal past, people are returning to their homes, clearing rubble and pumping standing water from the streets.

Marines are ready to help supply food, water and shelter. Humanitarian aid stations to distribute food and water will be opened throughout the city.

Fallujah was battered by the fighting there this last year but the real damage was done before the marines ever arrived.

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