Wake Me Up, Before You Kojo

The next chapter of the Kofi Annan saga will focus on whether there was any real substance to the job for which the secretary-general’s son, Kojo Annan, received lucrative payments during a period of years in which he was ostensibly working in West Africa…

…The documents show that far from being a provincial Peace Corps type working in Africa, as the secretary-general’s office has implied, the younger Annan led a highly cosmopolitan life, dividing his time between Lagos, London, Geneva, and New York.

…One lively exchange chronicles an episode in March 1997 in which Kojo Annan seems to have disappeared unexpectedly for more than a week, drawing a wry rebuke by fax from Mr. Pruniaux: “Although I understand that emergency reasons could require your urgent traveling, I am kindly asking you to warn both the Chief Liaison Office and myself in writing of your moves. This is for management reasons and also to find out if you have been kidnapped.”

Kojo replied, in a fax dated March 19, 1997: “I had to urgently meet my father and I left Lagos on a Sunday, 9th March. As it was a weekend, I was unable to contact the office…I apologise for any concern caused and assure you that I was not kidnapped…”

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