Treason, Delusion and the CPT

Here’s a new leftist group that I had never heard of until today. The Christian Peacemaker Teams whose motto is commitment on reducing violence by getting in the way! It could also be “commitment to ensuring more Americans are killed by getting in the way” or “committing to do the work of dictators who hate the US by using illogical arguments condemning our men and women in uniform while getting in the way”. The BBC interviews a Peggy Gish (who I am sure has made it onto the FBI Watch list at least once) who has been chronicling “alledged” abuses of Iraqi prisoners by talking of course to the Iraqi prisoners. Here is some of what she has found:

…violent house raids in the middle of the night, in which US soldiers would storm in, and if the men did not get down immediately, they would knock them down and beat them.

Then their house would be ransacked, often with property damage. Many would report that at the end of that time jewellery and money would be missing. Then the men of the household would be taken away…


…We talked to the US military about those house raids, and though they denied the soldiers would take money or gold, they did not deny that they would go in with 25 seconds of absolute fury and try to bring the people into submission very quickly.

Then we began to hear stories of a very violent interrogation process. Men would report being kept in very painful positions for hours at a time, being deprived of sleep and water and food, some kept out in the hot summer sun for hours….

You know, somebody has to go get their grandmother and bring her home. Grandma ran out of her meds. This article is just so ridiculous! These terrorists are blowing everyone to bits and setting booby traps in homes and our soldiers are supposed to wipe their feet before they enter??? Please! I hope this old dame is put in handcuffs the next time she “gets in the way” or the next time she “sets foot on American soil”.

Oh, and… I also expected the part about how “All of Iraq” hates the US. Words of a True Leftist! Maybe she should read Iraq the Model or other blogs and quit feeding her delutional stories to our leftist press.

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