Tony, Tony, Tony!

TonyBlair made the trip to Baghdad today. Tony gave one of his outstanding speeches to the people of Iraq:

“I’ve just visited members of the electoral commission and met some of their staff, and I said to them that I thought that they were the heroes of the new Iraq that’s being created because here are people who are risking their lives every day in order to make sure that the people of Iraq get a chance to decide their own destiny democratically.

And I’d just like to say this very strongly to the outside world, whatever people’s feelings or beliefs about the removal of Saddam Hussein and the wisdom of that, there surely is only one side to be on in what is now very clearly a battle between democracy and terror…


I’ve nothing but admiration for you and for your colleagues and everyone here, whether from the international community or Iraqis who are trying to make this country better, and you deserve our praise and our support and also our gratitude because you’re striking an important blow for democracy everywhere…”

We are truly blessed to have a friend in Tony Blair.

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