This Year's Media Christmas Lie

I have read numerous accounts this year that go something like:

…this year, with the Christian right taking credit for Bush’s re-election, traditionalists are fighting harder than ever against what they see as a political effort to take the Christ out of Christmas

What is wrong with this statement is that it doesn’t matter if Bush would have won or not with 90+% of America celebrating Christmas and 70+% of America defining itself as Christian, Americans are upset and fed up with a very small minority taking away our freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Americans are tired of hearing that someone might be offended because we say “Merry Christmas”. Some on the left say that well, if you don’t know a person’s persuasion then this may be wrong. Does it make it wrong then for me to say “How about those Vikings?” or “How about those Rams?” if I don’t know what team someone is rooting for?… Somebody may also be offended if I say “Have a nice day”. Does that mean that it is wrong for me to be pleasant if I don’t know if they are in a good mood or not?



Stop the Nonsense!!!

The Left says that someone may be offended if I say “Merry Christmas” or “have a nice day” or “How about those Falcons?” So “I” am needing to change “My” behavior? Utterly ridiculous! Maybe “I” am not the problem. If I could control your feelings then maybe this would be true. But, I learned years ago in some codependency book that I don’t have that kind of power to control your moods and “I” will go crazy trying.

The secularists, atheists, and Anti-Christians in this country are working on Getting God out of our schools, getting God out of our court houses, and getting God out of our holidays. Americans are beginning to see this regardless of “Bush” or “No Bush”. Americans are beginning to rally. Americans are beginning to stand up. There is a great battle ahead. Let it begin.

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