The Zogby Explanation

For months before the election Zogby had predicted a Kerry win. It didn’t happen even with the best media coverage ever for a presidential candidate and even with the continual negative blather aimed at Bush. Here is how Zogby explains their lackluster results:

“… it has become increasingly clear that this election has produced unprecedented levels of suspicion regarding its outcome, and we join this panel discussion in an attempt to find a resolution to these issues,” said Walcott, who represented the firm’s president and long time political pollster John Zogby at the forum sponsored by Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee.

On Election Day, Zogby predicted that Kerry would win 311 electoral votes. For much of that afternoon, he also rated the state of Virginia as too close to call. Not only did President Bush end up winning Virginia by 9 percentage points over Kerry, he won 286 electoral votes, over 3.3 million popular vote more than Kerry and, of course, re-election.

Wonder if Nov. 2nd will hurt the Zogby pocketbooks- it already hurt their reputation.

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