The New League

Oh Cal Thomas, how I love the way you do not beat around the bush! Here is his editorial from the Washington Times:

…Democracies don’t start wars against each other and are likelier to care for the poor and needy than nations that create most of the poor and needy.

What does the United States get for its money? We pay 22 percent of the U.N. budget, but get 100 percent of the grief from nations who hate us and what we stand for. The League of Nations failed for many of the same reasons the U.N. is failing. The League and the U.N. are based on a flawed philosophy that believes humans are basically good. There is ample contemporary and historical evidence to the contrary.


Consider the worthless resolutions passed by the United Nations to control Saddam Hussein before the United States took them seriously and did what the U.N. was afraid to do: act.

Too many U.N. members hate us because our decisiveness exposes their vacillation. The world would be better off without this body and with an association of democracies in its place. It is unlikely to happen, because false hope is preferred by too many diplomats and politicians over actual results…

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