The Max Factor

Or maybe this should be called “Watersgate”

Rep. Maxine Waters’ family has reportedly earned more than $1 million in eight years doing business with other candidates, companies and causes.

Sugar MaMa Waters (Defends Ex-Klansman, Attacks GOP’er as Racist) told the newspaper her family’s businesses were separate from her political career.


Citing public disclosure records, the newspaper reported of the $1.7 million L.A. Vote, a Los Angeles political organization that publishes election mailers endorsed by Waters, collected in the last eight years, nearly $450,000 went to Waters’ daughter, Karen, and her consulting firm.

Around $115,000 was reportedly paid to the son of the congresswoman.

Waters’ husband, Sidney Williams, was reportedly paid nearly $500,000 for consulting work with Siebert, Brandford & Shank, a municipal bond company and from politicians the congresswomen has backed.

Yes, MaMa! Daddy needs a new car!

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