Rumsfeld As Santa

The United States and Allies look to bring Iraq a Christmas present as big as the sky! Democracy! One of Santa’s Elves has been working very hard this year to make that happen. Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Iraq today to boost the morale. During his interview he even had the opportunity to needle the press some:

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Friday took a delighted dig at the media after troops he was visiting in Iraq complained their good works were ignored by the press while disasters grabbed the headlines.

A soldier at his first stop in Mosul asked Rumsfeld how the “propaganda” worked?


Rumsfeld, under attack since he appeared to brush aside a question about poor equipment from a U.S. soldier in Kuwait that later turned out to have been composed with help from a reporter, jumped at the opportunity to turn the tables.

“That doesn’t sound like a question placed by the press,” he told his audience to loud applause.

Let us hope and pray that a miracle takes place in Iraq in 2005 as it did in Afghanistan in 2003.

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