Pardongate 101, Ain't it Rich!

I didn’t really want to talk much about the “new” Mark Rich scandal but since there has been so much in the news this last week, I thought I’d throw some things out there… It appears that Mark Rich has been caught up in some suspicious activity tied to the Oil for Food scandal. This happened about a month after Bill Clinton pardoned him before Bill and Hill left office. Mark Rich was living abroad for many years since he was charged with tax evation in the early 80’s. But, his lovely wife Denise Rich (who has written many hit songs)was spending some nights at the White House during the Clinton stay (????) and gave quite a bit of money to them and their causes. (This, according to Barbara Olson,author of “The Final Days“, a story about the Clinton’s repulsive final days in office, and a victim of the 9-11 terrorist attacks)…. Boy, I hope you check out some of the links in this post… So, anyway, now “Mark Rich” is back in the news and so are the “Clintons” and there is a new “scandal”… some things never change!

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