Newsweek Finds Moses

After the Democratic Disaster of ’04 the democrats (with Newsweek taking the lead among the elites) are starting their campaign for the next savior of the party. Unfortunately, they have picked Barak Obama, the ultra-left newly elected senator from Illinois, to lead them to their socialist utopia in ’05. This choice continues to show that the Democrats have still not learned anything from their trouncing in Nivvember and still believe in “Style over Substance”. It is going to be increasingly difficult for the dems and their media to hide the socialist, anti-military stances of Obama with the dawn of the new media.

If you look further into the Newsweek edition they predictably see the US as “purple” and not “red”. Newsweek just can’t stomach the thought of Bush and the Republicans winning such a decisive victory. Could you imagine them calling the country purple if Kerry would have won? …Doubtful!

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