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Wonder why the Europeans are not so hip on the US? Here is how the German media is describing their “allies” across the pond:

The German Media: Rushing to Brand the American Soldier a Torturer

Torture is a serious matter. It is a human rights abuse that must be brought to an end.


We must never forget or ignore the torture of tens-of-thousands by the Saddam regime through amputation, cutting out of tongues, acid baths, branding with hot irons on foreheads or systematic rape. Sadly, these were just a few of the horrific methods used by the dictator’s Baathist thugs. And unfortunately, the German media has given far too little coverage to Saddam’s victims, many of whom ended up in mass graves. Far more coverage has been given to cases of torture perpetrated or even just allegedly perpetrated by US soldiers.

And, this…

The German media are reporting on allegations as if they were facts. Today’s lead article on SPIEGEL ONLINE is just one example. The opening paragraph gives us a good sense of the article’s tone:

The Normality of the Unbearable

By Georg Mascolo, Washington

It has been seven months since the pictures from Abu Ghraib shook the world. In the meantime, barely a day has passed on which no new cases of torture have become known. Yet in the USA this is triggering ever less outrage….

And, this…

Accusations of Murder Against US Soldiers

And Then She Laid the Baby on the Bloody Body of Her Husband…

If the charges prove to be true, then US soldiers killed Iraqi civilians in cold blood during raids. Unbelievable details of an incident from Sadr-City came to light during the interrogation of two men from the 1st Battalion of the 41st Infantry Regiment. The soldiers face the death penalty if convicted.

Speculation as news. Will SPON report on this if the soldiers under investigation are exonerated? Don’t hold your breath…they will just move on to the next story.

Reminds you a bit of the media we have right here at home. Doesn’t it?

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