"MoveOn Movin' On"

After President Bush won re-election, many political observers expected MoveOn.org to move into retreat. The sentiment surrounding the liberal online powerhouse was neatly summed up by the satire publication The Onion in its spoof headline: “MoveOn CurlsUp InCorner.”

But on a Sunday night just two weeks after the Nov. 2 election, the group was back — hosting 1,600 house parties across the country where some 18,000 members gathered to vent and vote on how MoveOn should refocus after such a decisive Republican victory.

MoveOn was a great idea… just think of all the young college kids prodded on by their liberal instructors who got involved and had a hell of a rockin party! How many “bongs” do you suppose were passed at the 1,600 get togethers at the end of last month?

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