Howie! Howie!

Howard Dean, with an eye on leading the Democratic Party in the wake of widespread election losses, said Wednesday that Democrats must campaign on their convictions and not give into the temptation to behave like Republicans….

(Oh, please do! Please, do!)

“We cannot win by being Republican light,” Dean said, repeating a line that helped make him a darling of the left in the early presidential race. “We’ve tried it, and it does not work.”


(Oh, so running on your true liberal, socialist, anti-Christian beliefs ought to get you loads of new swing voters!)

Speaking to still-enthusiastic supporters at a George Washington University auditorium, the defeated presidential candidate ticked off a list of issues that he said Democrats should tout as moral values — health care, education, election reforms.

(Still doesn’t get it! Lord, help him get the nod to lead the Democrats! Please!)

Some within the party say losses in the presidential race and Congress this year show that Democrats need to elect a centrist leader who can attract independents and moderate Republicans. That was the consensus of the nation’s Democratic governors, many who were elected in states that supported Bush.

(Well, that makes sense…)

But Dean said he rejects the philosophy that “if you don’t beat them, then join them.”

(Oops!…but not to Howie!)

“When some people say that we should change direction, in essence they are arguing that our basic or guiding principles can be altered or modified,” Dean said. “They cannot. On issue after issue, we are where majority of the American people are.”

(Since when were the majority of Americans Anti-Christian, Anti-Capitalist, and willing to let the UN decide on our nation’s security?… Lord, help him get the nod!)

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