Hating Bush & Losing Reality

We’ve all heard the endless drone of stereotypes and insults before: George W. Bush is stupid, a cowboy, a primate, a puppet. Few public figures have been more demonized and hated than George W. Bush.

The Democrats and the Angry Left have been so blinded by their own hate of Bush that they are no longer in touch with reality in America and are becoming marginalized. They don’t understand that the vast majority of conservatives are genuinely good people who happen to have a different view on how to move America forward. They have failed in a fundamental way to listen to the very real arguments and ideas that conservatives like Bush have.

And, sadly, in Germany, more of the same…


This is the fundamental problem in the German media as well. Instead of fairly presenting American conservatives and their arguments, the German media has decided to bash and criminalize Bush and everything having to do with him. How else do you explain Bush’s 4% approval rating in Germany? Let’s get real, this sort of a rating is something you would expect to see in a Fascist dictatorship, not in a nation with an open and functioning media. Clearly, the German media is severely failing to inform people on Bush and American conservatism.

And, not surprisingly, the liberal German media may see it’s own day of reckoning sooner rather than later…

They are so afraid of Bush and his ideology that they would rather destroy him than give his arguments fair analysis and consideration. And certainly, in the short term, they have been highly successful. They have real power. They have the power to shape opinions in entire societies. But in the long run they are sealing their own demise. Why? Because you can’t fool all the people all the time. History will catch up to the media. People will realize they have been duped. They will start to seek alternatives. They will want to get both sides of the story. They will get past their visceral, historically-based hatreds and jealousies of America. They will reject the exploitation and profiteering.

The mainstream media is on its way down in America. It is only a matter of time before this begins to happen in Europe as well. Let’s hope sooner than later. This lack of respect is starting to get old.

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