Forget Barbie

Here’s the Real Action Hero

Has the world ever seen anyone like Ann Coulter? Brainy, beautiful, blond and packs a punch! I don’t know if there is anyone who scares the libs more than this tiny conservative woman. As always her weekly column is packed with heat:

Since the attack of 9-11, we’ve won two wars, liberated millions of people from monstrous regimes, presided over one election in Afghanistan and are about to see elections in Iraq and among the Palestinian people. Focusing like a laser beam on the big picture, liberals are upset that, during this period, the secretary of defense used an autopen…


…And if the best liberals are going to give me to argue about this week is Autopen-gate, then I shall sleep well knowing that the secretary of defense has made so few mistakes for the past four years that liberals are reduced to carping about his autopen.

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