Feminists for Bush

From the Iraqi Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper (courtesy of FrontPage):

Since the fall of Saddam we have seen a surge in political activities and involvement of Iraqi women in the political arena. Women are sitting on national, provincial & municipal government seats. Women now have 25% of the seats in the Iraqi national congress. We expect that over 70% of Iraqi women will come to the polls and vote. The new election rules will not let women down. The new Iraqi parliament [which will be voted on January 30th] has reserved 25-33% of the 275 seats for women candidates.

[In response to a question about women facing torture and rape inside Iraqi prisons]: There is not a single female opposition member in Iraqi jails and I defy any one to prove otherwise. This government respects human rights; we do not have any women following peaceful oppositional means in Iraqi jails. Those referred to as insurgents or resistance fighters are terrorists and have no rights whatsoever. If it is proven that one peaceful opposition member has been subject to unjust prison or torture they will receive justice. The door for filing complaints is wide open…

And, about those elections…

…[T]o those who say Iraqis cannot govern them selves, I say sit back and observe your predictions crumble before your eyes. I hope that they too wish their predictions do not come true.”

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