FrontPage magazine reports some news from the traditional Democratic stroghold of Shelby County Kentucky:

Three elected officials in the traditional Democratic stronghold of Shelby County defected yesterday to the Republican Party, the same day the local Democratic chairman resigned.

The three officials cited varying reasons for their switch, including conflicts with national Democrats on such issues as abortion, guns and taxes, and said the GOP better represents their moral and economic values.


It sounds like these former Democrats had a serious problem with their national party. After abortion, guns, and taxes, what exactly attracted them to the Democrats? Certainly not their national-security policy. It shows yet again that the Democrats’ base erodes under the continual resistance to compromise on which their special-interest leadership insists. Take yesterday’s reaction to the Judiciary Committee assignments as an example. While NARAL and PFW use war and terror analogies to smear conservatives, people in Shelbyville wonder why anyone would want to stick a scalpel into the head of an infant past the point of supposed viability — and why an American political party considers supporting that procedure a moral duty.

Yep…that about says it!

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