We're Backing the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party

Ali at Iraq the Model talks about the formation of the Iraqi Pr-Democracy Party. This is another great story at Iraq the Model

“Some of us were celebrating regaining sovereignty, some were celebrating the end of occupation, others were happy because they think the new government will bring safety and order. I was celebrating a new and a great step towards democracy, but we were all joined by true hope for a better future and by the love we have for Iraq.”

(Pieces of) The Pro-Democracy Platform:


Economy & Jobs

Public service wages have increased as much as ten fold and in some cases one hundred times their previous levels. Private sector wages are also rising and the Iraqi dinar to US dollar exchange rate is trading at 30% above pre-war levels. While the economy is growing at its fastest rate in over 25 years it’s important this rapid expansion continue. Obviously oil is our most important natural resource and managing this asset responsibly is critical to continuing economic growth.


Although most parts of the country are enjoying relative peace and security, there are sections where this is not the case. Ba’athist, foreign terrorist and other anti-democracy forces need to be dealt with in a firm, forceful, and consistent manner.

Women’s Rights

Women are playing a greater role in politics and other areas than ever before. Women were part of the Governing Council and there are currently five female Ministers which is a first for Iraq. The election rules for the National Assembly ensure that at least 25% of all delegates will be women.

You can also donate to help out at their site!

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