Tora! Tora! Tora!

Since it is Veteran’s Day I am Calling Hollywood… Hello! Is anyone home??? Just wanted you to know that there are some fans out here of great American Wartime Movies. We wouldn’t mind seeing a new flick or two come out here in the next while that shows off our military some. I know that this may shock some of you out there in Tinsel town, but, there are some very patriotic Americans left out here in “Jesusland” that would love to see some American Soldiers on the Big Screen kicking ass and taking names. Think about it!… We know that y’all didn’t think that “Passion of Christ” was such a good idear, either… And, you may be appalled that there are some Americans over that Great Divide that like the fact that we have freed 5o million enslaved citizens in the last year and a half. But, we are just trying to throw you a frickin’ bone. Come out with a good Marine Movie, a Hostage Escape flick, or an epic on a Courageous Woman who leads her community out of bondage and into the voting booth!

We’ll buy it! We’ll eat it up! I guarantee it!

Oh, and… God Bless All of our veterans and soldiers currently serving on Veterans Day!

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