Read Between the Lines

This weekend we all heard about how the “Iraqis” want the elections to be delayed. In the news we were told that the “leaders” in Iraq now do not want the national elections to be held in January, but that the “leaders” now want the elections to be held some six months later.

As I read this I knew to look further into the story. I knew that there had to be more to this story and that this news was biased to some degree. It struck me later how proficient I have become at listening to the US news today. I also felt some sadness that I have now adequately conditioned myself to look at the news as if I were living under a communist regime where you teach yourself to discern the truth in the news verses the government propaganda. How have I come to this?

First of all, I realize that it is through free elections in Iraq the the government will have legitimacy. Then, the leftists, Bush-haters and doubters in the world will be off the Iraqi”s and The Coalition’s backs to a great extent (not entirely since there will always be the fringe groups that resist truth and goodness and crave paranoia).

I also realized that all of the news about the elections in Iraq up to now were all demanding January elections, knowing that this would be very difficult to pull off.

It now looks like the elections will be held in January, that the country will have enough stability for the elections to be held, and that the leaders and a majority of the people want January elections. This of course is very threatening to the left leaning media. It diminishes the “quagmire effect” of their headlines. It gives the US, The Coalition, the Iraqi people, and Bush and Blair deserved wins for their sacrifice and dedication. To diminish the “win”, the leftist media has now come out with a story that will keep the left feeling good about itself. So even now when the left sees the poverty, the mass graves, the violence to women, and the torture videos, they can still hang on to their “correctness” in believing it was all a big mistake to oust Saddam because “even the elections should have been delayed”. They may console themselves, but I will know the truth.

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