Looking for a Disgraced Reporter

Maybe there is some hope for Dan Rather after all…

“The abuse of state resources in favour of the prime minister demonstrated a widespread disregard for the fundamental distinction between the state and partisan political interests.”

The state-funded media displayed “overt bias” which “continued to favour the prime minister in news presentation and coverage of the campaign”.


(Humor Aside)More news from Ukraine…

During my time in Ukraine, the single most pro-American group I’ve known has been my circle of Iranian student friends. They love the United States, and they see her as a natural ally in their struggle for freedom. I’ve now found a second such group — the pro-democracy protesters. Everyone has glowing things to say about the US, and they’re counting on us to support them in their fight. Russia has ruined itself with these people, and America has a chance to be a hero. We should take it.

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