How Low Can You Go?

With Election 2004 now just a memory, a sweet memory to conservatives and a gutter ball to liberals worldwide, the question must be asked, “Is this the best you got?” Or, better yet, “Is this the lowest you can go?” No, I’m not talking about the tactics that the left used in this election to rev up their ranks of socialiists, pacifists and codependents. And, no, I’m not talking about the sewer politics that the left used in defaming a surging economy, a courageous president and a proud country at war.

What I am talking about is this- is this the lowest that the Democrats will go in percent of popular vote? The answer appears to be a resounding “no”!

What the Democrats did in this past year was truly outrageous even for the usual standards that we expect from the Party of Boss Tweed. The liberals with help from friends in major media lambasted the country for being in a just war with a deviant dictator. They rooted for a collapse and defeat of our forces. And, when that did not happen, when our forces won in historical fashion, they exploited the shenanigans of a few rogue soldiers to defame all of our forces and give solace once again to a ruthless enemy.


Meanwhile, their candidate humorously claimed to hold one stance on the current conflict when his many, many about faces were well documented. He shamelessly insulted our allies by assuring us that their sacrifices were meaningless. He “reported for duty” declared a “plan” that no one could identify. His party held elite functions where they cracked tasteless jokes and declared that they spoke for America. While all along their friends in high places (the media) kept toting the party line.

Yet, something happened. Something very bad happened for these leftists. Despite dumping millions of dollars into promoting bogus accusations towards the Commander in Chief, his approval ratings still hovered near 50%. Then, a small “band of brothers” with little capital managed to dispense a story about the misdeeds and fabrications of the Democrat Contender. These men got their message out slowly- the main networks would have none of it. Only after Talk Radio, the internet and Fox News started to give them some press did the men have a voice. Even then, their accusations were not held up to the light but were left mainly unanswered until the Democrats declared weeks later that the charges were baseless and deserved no further attention. However, the damage was already done. You can’t fool Jesusland all of the time no matter how hard you try.

Then, the party’s ol’ standby, Dan Rather, the unofficial party spokesman, got himself into a pickle he couldn’t get out of. He bet it all against a president he despised and lost. To top it off, only 40% of Americans (sadly) trusted the now defeated media. This event along with big Republican gains may be the two most important events historically from this election.

November 2nd (note the superscript) came and went. The Republicans won a landslide. The president had coattails. Middle America was anointed “Jesusland”. The Swift Vets found some peace after 30 –some years. Osama went back to his cave.

What a year! What an election!

So, this brings us back to question, “Is this election just a fluke?” and “What can we expect?”

The answers may not be so pleasing to our liberal foes. Even though, we hear them quoting Bible verses, making appearances in Arkansas, and “talking” defense, Red State America is hesitant to buy in to their game. There are many reasons for this. For one, you can only say “Pentecostal” so many times in a paragraph without sounding ridiculous. You also need to understand the meaning behind Bible verses before quoting. And, voting consistently against defense while talking down a wartime president does not earn you any brownie points at an Alabaman VFW BBQ.

The Democrats are going to have major trouble mainly in two fronts. The first front is in information. The Democrats have held a super majority in this area for decades. First talk radio came into being and began to disassemble the Goliath. Then, Rupert Murdoch comes along with a product in FOX News that pleases 50% (or more) of America by covering all sides and booms into the lead in cable news. And, lastly, the internet comes and bludgeons one of Major Media’s leading stunt men. This is just the start of it. Watch the dominoes fall! Even chairmen of main stream media providers acknowledge that Democrats gain 10-15 points in any given election due to liberal media majority. Uh-Oh! What does the left do now to get its message out? Is that “message” strong enough to make up for a 10-15 point election bonus the left has enjoyed?

That’s the second problem…. The message stinks! The results have stunk! And, America is stinkin’ tired of being told that it’s not smart enough to know any better. Liberal policies the world over are taking a nose dive. The proof for this is that the left owns the airwaves and owns our education system, yet, the majority of Americans are not for their rubbish. Liberal economics have ruined much of Europe (not to mention communist states). Liberal social programs are on their way to creating self-hating defenseless apologetic codependent societies. But, here’s the big one!… How do liberals explain that their rank and file are so determined to erase God from our history and daily norms? This is the “Big One” that leaves the liberals defenseless. There is absolutely nothing that they can do. This issue just gains more and more press with the more and more absurd decisions coming from more and more bold and hostile courts. The liberals have no place to hide. This, along with the weakening of the liberal information monopoly will damage the Democrats intensely in the years to come. (Can you say 44%?) Don’t look for any major comebacks from the liberals in 2006, 2008 or soon after.

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