House Rules

The Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions cites the US because of its high homelessness rates.

Other countries are named because of forced evictions – in the cases of Russia and Sudan, on a grand scale in the Caucasus and Darfur.

The group said failing to resolve housing

The US was criticised because of its high levels of homelessness, and the increased tendency in many American states to criminalise acts such as sleeping on a park bench.


It was also cited because of its activities outside US borders. The centre claims indiscriminate bombing in Iraq has destroyed thousands of homes.

Hmm… so our housing situation here is worse than some third world country where there is no running water, heat, electricity, sewage disposal? Where people are driven from their homes because of continual conflict?

You can always tell the “degree” of a leftist organization by how high on the negative list the US is and by the use of the words- “indiscriminate bombing”.

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