Man In UK Arrested Over Offensive Shirt

A soccer fan in the UK was arrested at the FA Cup Final at Webley Stadium for wearing an offensive shirt that had the number 97 with the words “not enough.” The shirt was in reference to the 97 people who died during the Hillsborough Disaster.

Radical Climate Activist Group Engaged in Tire Slashing Expands to 18 Countries, Including the US

A far-left group known as the Tyre Extinguishers has broadened its efforts and declared war on car owners, targeting parked sports utility vehicles (SUVs) by deflating their tires in a bid to combat ‘global warming.’ With operations spanning 18 countries, the radical group has recently claimed responsibility for actions in major American Democrat cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco, as well as various cities in England, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and their most recent action in Lisbon, Portugal, FOX News reported.

Biden Appointee Urges UN to Demand $5 Million Reparations to Every Descendant of Enslaved Africans and End “Continuation of Slavery” in the US (VIDEO)

Professor Justin Hansford, Biden appointee to the UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent (PFAD), called on the UN to address two issues: demanding reparations for every Black Americans descendant of slavery and bringing an end to what he terms the “continuation of slavery” in the United States.