String Of Scandals Rock Portland Public Schools

Sex abuse, lawyers practicing without a law license, intentionally underestimating maintenance costs to pass tax hike ballot measures, superintendents resigning and getting fired, dismal graduation rates… Welcome to what has become of Portland Public Schools.

Dem Group Bullies College Club Over Gun Drawing

The Oregon State University College Republicans are gearing up for their annual 2nd Amendment Week, where they host events featuring guest speakers, film showings, free CHL class for students, and other 2A related things.

Smiling Is Now Racist, Because “White Fragility”

At one of the many recent “whiteness history month” events at Portland Community College, Women’s Resource Center director Brad Fortier and instructor of education Tanya Mead lead a discussion entitled “It’s Not My Fault”, which centered around a notion of “white fragility” and microaggressions that white people, supposedly, do all the the time that are racist.

“World Without Whiteness” Professor DOUBLES DOWN

After making headlines earlier in the month for his “Imagine A World Without WHITENESS” presentation, Portland Community College history and humanities professor James Harrison defended his statements, while once again channeling John Lennon, and blaming the media for the outrage.

“Whiteness” Speaker Reveals True Goal: Eliminating White People

As “whiteness history month” progresses at Portland Community College, the question that has been posed over and over is “how do we dismantle whiteness?” Well, during one of the sessions on Tuesday, April 12th, the speaker accidentally let it slip that getting rid of white people is the answer.