Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Foments Revolution in US with Praise of College Protests Against Israel and America; Tells Students, “My Advice to You Is to Become Familiar With the Quran”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei released a letter this week to American college students who staged campus protests against Israel and the United States after the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas, praising their protests as part of an international “Resistance Front” and encouraging them to “become familiar with the Quran.” The Islamist regime in Tehran is a state sponsor of terrorism and main supporter of Hamas.

Jack Smith Seeks Order Barring Trump From Criticizing Law Enforcement Over Deadly Force Authorization for Mar-a-Lago Raid

Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a motion Friday night demanding President Trump’s condition of release in the classified documents case be modified to include barring him from criticizing law enforcement for authorizing deadly force in the August 8, 2022 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida in a search for disputed alleged classified documents from Trump’s presidency.

Biden to Release 1 Million Barrels of Gasoline in Bid to Reduce Prices for Summer Driving Season

Joe Biden is releasing one million barrels of gasoline from the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve in a bid to reduce prices as summer driving season begins (and the November presidential election draws nearer.) The timing is similar to Biden’s a 2022 sale of millions of barrels of oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum reserve that sought to drive down prices before that year’s midterm elections that has left the reserves dangerously low with Biden slow-walking efforts to refill it.

OUTRAGE: George Washington Statue Still Covered in Palestinian Terrorist Rag and Flag at GW University; Rep. Lauren Boebert Only One Who Tried to Intervene (Video)

The statue of George Washington at George Washington University located just blocks from the White House is still being desecrated by communist-Islamist revolutionaries who took over University Yard (U-Yard) during a campus riot late last week, only now the Palestinian terrorist (keffiyeh) totally covers Washington’s face, making him look like an Islamist terrorist.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Stirs Controversy With Tale of Killing Her ‘Untrainable’, ‘Dangerous’ 14-Month-Old Hunting Dog and a Goat

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R), who has been mentioned as a possible Trump vice presidential pick, wrote in her new book that she shot and killed her “untrainable” and “dangerous” 14-month-old wirehair pointer hunting dog named Cricket after it killed a neighbor’s chickens and attacked Noem, as well as a killing a goat the same afternoon.

Anarchy in the UK: Squatters Take Over £13 Million London Pub Owned by Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay

A luxurious London pub and boutique hotel owned by celebrity British chef Gordon Ramsay has been taken over by a gang of squatters who are threatening legal action if an effort is made to remove them, according to reports that place the value of the property at 13 million pounds sterling (About $16.2 million.) On tomorrow's front page: Gordon Ramsay’s £13m pub taken over by squatters with brazen gang even threatening to take legal action against TV chef — The Sun (@TheSun) April 12, 2024 Excerpt from the UK Sun report: The gang, said to be made up of at least six “professional squatters”, used Ramsay’s own kitchen appliances to barricade themselves in and have glued shut the locks.

Gov. Kathy Hochul Orders New York Landmarks Lit Up in Trans Flag Colors on Easter Sunday for Transgender Day of Visibility, Including One World Trade Center and Niagara Falls

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) issued a proclamation Saturday declaring March 31, Easter Sunday, to be Transgender Visibility Day and ordered state landmarks including One World Trade Center in New York City and Niagara Falls to be illuminated in the colors of the transgender flag.

Sen. Tuberville on Joe Biden’s Easter Blasphemy: “Democrats Are a Satanic Cult”

Reacting to reports the Biden White House has banned religious themes for an Easter Egg contest for children of National Guard members, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) posted a statement Friday night that said, “Because @TheDemocrats are a Satanic cult.” Tuberville repeated the observation Saturday in a comment on Joe Biden proclaiming this Easter Sunday “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Sen.

Open Borders Advocates and Media Weaponize Deaths of Six Immigrant Workers Killed in Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse

While Baltimore and the nation are dealing with the collapse on Tuesday of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor following the allision of the Dali cargo ship into a support beam that resulted in the blocking of a major port and hazmat/commuter route (I-695), open borders advocates and some in the media are weaponizing the tragic deaths of the six road workers killed in the incident to score political points.