BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group Confronts Total Creep New York Judge Arthur Engoron After Sources Tell Him Engoron Frequently Goes to Gym and is “Creeping Girls Out” – Engoron Wears Revealing Sweatpants and No Underwear? (VIDEO)

James O’Keefe on Wednesday released footage from an encounter with creepy New York Judge Arthur Engoron, who recently hit President Donald Trump with a massive $355 million judgment for his honestbusiness practices and job creation in the state of New York.

NBC Hacks Say Nathan Wade Divorce Attorney was “Clearly an Adverse Witness” in Fani Willis Disqualification Hearing – Greg Bluestein from Atlanta Journal-Constitution Says Disqualification Will be a “DEATH SENTENCE for This Case” (VIDEO)

NBC hacks were left reeling yesterday during the testimony ofNathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer, Terrence Bradley, calling him an adverse witness as he was grilled by attorneys for Trump and his co-defendants in the Georgia election interference RICO indictment.

WATCH: Nathan Wade had Garage Door Opener to Fani Willis’ Home, Had Sex With Fani Willis at Her Law Office BEFORE She Was DA According to Trump Co-Defendant’s Attorney – Attorney Says Terrence Bradley Previously Gave Her This Information

Terrence Bradley, Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer, allegedly told Trump co-defendant Michael Roman’s attorney outside of court that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade had sex at the law office she was renting before she was Fulton County District Attorney.

WOW! Text Messages Show That Nathan Wade Attorney Admitted That Wade and Fani Willis Began Relationship BEFORE Wade Was Hired and Appointed as Lead Trump Prosecutor – Said “They Will Deny it” in Message (VIDEO)

Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer, Terrence Bradley, was back on the stand on Tuesday after Judge McAfee said he is not protected by attorney-client privilege, and his testimony gives more evidence that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade lied on the stand about their relationship.

WATCH LIVE NOW: Former Law Partner and Divorce Attorney to Testify About Relationship Between Fulton DA Fani Willis and Nathan Wade in Disqualification Hearing – Judge Decides He is NOT Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege!

Terrence Bradley will take the stand again today in a third hearing to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from prosecuting the sham election interference case against President Trump after she was accused of misusing funds and having an inappropriate relationship with lead prosecutor Nathan Wade.

EXCLUSIVE: US Senator Ron Johnson Discusses the Cover Up of COVID-19 Cures, Vaccine Dangers, and the Mysterious White Fibrous Clots – Johnson and Rep. MTG to Host Roundtable on Monday (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Sunday at the International Covid Summit in Washington, DC, to discuss the government’s suppression of accurate information about COVID-19, vaccine injuries, and adverse side effects.

WATCH: O’Keefe Media Group Releases Footage of Unitarian Universitarian Church of Tucson’s Board Meeting Where They Discuss Reporting on Possible Human Trafficking Operation in Arizona (VIDEO)

New video footage released by James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group shows the board of the Universalist Universitarian Church of Tucson’s discussions regarding recent reporting on the No Mas Muertes human trafficking and illegal immigrant aid operation in southern Arizona.

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) Requests Formal Inquiry into Intelligence committee Chair Mike Turner (R-OH) for “Reckless Disregard” in Sounding Alarm on “Serious National Security Threat” in Attempt to Interfere with FISA Reform Legislation and Ensure Funding for Ukraine

Rep Andy Ogles (R-TN) sent a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson, requesting an inquiry and possible removal of House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner (R-OH) from his committee, after Turner sent a letter to colleagues raising concern over “an urgent matter with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability that should be known by all Congressional Policy Makers.” Ogles believes that this was an attempt to create unfounded worry in pursuit of a “political agenda” to prevent the passage of FISA reform legislation.

(VIDEO) East Palestine Residents React to Biden’s Visit OVER One Year After Toxic Chemical Explosion, Say They are Still Suffering from Health Issues, Worried About “Cancer Cluster” – “He Has NOT Helped Us. He’s Too Little Too Late.”

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio, yesterday spoke to reporters as Joe Biden made a fly-by photo-op appearance in the town more than one year after a devastating train derailment spilled hazardous materials that were burned into the atmosphere.

More From Biden’s Trip to East Palestine a Year After Toxic Chemical Explosion: Biden Lies that “My Administration Was on The Ground Within Hours” – East Palestine Mayor Who Endorsed Trump Takes Subtle Jab at Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Joe Biden, on Friday, during his first visit to East Palestine, Ohio, since the toxic train derailment disaster over one year ago, struggled through his speech and lied about his Administration’s involvement in assisting residents.

“It’s GAME OVER for Her” – Even Far-Left MSNBC Admits “Fani Willis Lied to The Court” in Trump Election Interference Case — Trump Responds, “ANOTHER SCAM COORDINATED WITH THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE”

An MSNBC legal analyst responded to the Fulton County hearing over misconduct bySoros-backed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, prosecuting Trump’s election interference case, saying, “It’s game over for [Willis].” “Don’t let the legalese fool you.

EXCLUSIVE: PragerU Kids’ Jill Simonian Speaks to TGP About Partnerships with State Education Departments to Bring Anti-Woke Educational Resources to Public and Charter School Students (VIDEO)

PragerU Kids Director of Outreach Jill Simonian spoke to The Gateway Pundit last week to discuss the organization’s recent partnership with the Arizona Department of Education to welcome educationalresources into K-12 public and charter school classrooms across the state.

EXCLUSIVE: Delaware GOP Chair Julianne Murray Declares President Trump Will Win Biden’s Home State After She Won Lawsuit Banning Unconstitutional No-Excuse Mail-In Ballots

aware GOP Chair and attorney Julianne Murray recently spoke to The Gateway Pundit during Turning Point Action’s Restoring National Confidence Summitt to discuss her huge victory banning no-excuse mail-in ballots in the aware Supreme Court and what it means for 2024.

WATCH: White House Official Runs From O’Keefe After Telling Him “What They Can’t Say Publicly” About Joe Biden’s Mental Health and Why They Need Kamala Harris

James O’Keefe has released footage of him chasing Charlie Kraiger down the street after Kraiger, a White House insider,admitted that Joe Biden’s mental health is in decline, and there are closed-door discussions about how to remove Kamala Harris from the 2024 ticket without stirring a“scandal” and giving poor optics to the American people.

O’Keefe Goes Undercover: White House Official Gives Tell All on Behind the Scenes Discussions Surrounding Joe Biden’s Mental Health Decline & Kamala Harris’ Unpopularity Within the Administration – “What They Can’t Say Publicly”

O’Keefe Media Group has released part two of their investigative series in Washington, DC, where an unwitting Biden White House whistleblower admitted that Joe Biden’s mental health is in decline, and there are closed-door discussions about how to remove Kamala Harris from the 2024 ticket without stirring a“scandal” and giving poor optics to the American people.

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lindell Speaks About Ronna McDaniel’s Failures and Calls on Her to Resign, Says Lawsuit to Ban Voting Machines is Going to The US Supreme Court

MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell spoke to The Gateway Pundit on Monday at Turning Point Action’s Restoring National Confidence Summit to discuss Ronna McDaniel’s failures as RNC Chairwoman to fight for election integrity and his fight to restore elections through getting rid of the corrupt voting machines.

Jeff DeWit Resigns as Arizona Republican Party Chair after Audio Tape of Him Attempting to Bribe Kari Lake Surfaces, Claims Tape Was “Selectively Edited” and Says There is an Even “More Damaging Recording”

Arizona GOP Chairman RINO Jeff DeWitt announced on Wednesday that he will resign from his position over a leaked audio recording of him attempting to bribe Kari Lake out of fighting against Arizona’s rigged elections and running for office in 2024.

BREAKING: Leaked Audio CONFIRMS RINO AZGOP Chair Jeff DeWit Tried to Bribe Kari Lake – Lake Tells DeWit, “They’re Going to Have to F*cking Kill Me to Stop Me”

A newly leaked audio recording proves that RINO Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit, an agent of the Uniparty, asked Kari Lake to “take a pause” and step aside from politics for two years while offering her a job on behalf of people “from back East.” But Kari Lake fired back, “I’m not willing to accept that.