More Views From Iraq

Iraqi Opinion Poll Results: “63% of Iraqis say that the withdrawal of American and allied forces will not be in the best interest of Iraq, it will undermine the work towards security and control of the country.

Moore for Less

Did Michael Moore Lose the Election for Kerry?

Let My Faith Be!

Here is a clip from a recent article on developments from the ACLU: “To those who would repudiate the cross as a symbol of Los Angeles history, I offer a challenge: If you believe that the cross represents an endorsement of religion, that it conveys a message of preference for religion or a religious belief, then to be consistent you must declare the name Los Angeles to be equally offensive to the Constitution.

Election Casualty

This story is very sad…


Here’s the exit polling information for VR (Victory Republican) Day…

Does Arafat Have AIDS?

Suspicions Grow that Arafat is Dying of AIDS By israelinsider staff November 6, 2004 Former White House speechwriter David Frum has joined the growing chorus of pundits, medical experts, and intelligence operatives who claim Yasser Arafat is likely suffering from AIDS.

The Truth about Bush Tax Cuts

Bush fails to get deserved credit for tax cut benefits Despite reporting distortions, a congressional report shows the rich pay proportionately more in taxes while all income earners do better.

Here’s the Beef on Recent Job Creation… Most importantly, the so-called “quality” of the nation’s job creation has improved drastically from over the Summer.

Red State

A picture is worth a thousand words The MSM continues to insist ours is a nation divided and President Bush must therefore make concessions instead of rushing forward with his agenda.