MATTHEW GRAVES and the Left’s TWO-TIER JUSTICE: Pro-Hamas protestor Receives “48 Hrs. Community Service” for Assaulting Female DC Police Officer vs. J6ers’ “Years of Federal Prison” for similar or Lesser Charges

Matthew Graves (US Attorney for District of Columbia) is notorious for standing by and doing nothing while hundreds of BLM and Antifa followers attacked the White House and attempted to burn a church to the ground during the 2020 riots.

GOP Rep. Calls on RNC To Move Convention and Nominate Trump on July 4th – A Week Before Deranged Judge Merchan’s Sentencing (VIDEO)

Republican representative Cory Mills (R-FL) is calling on the RNC to move its convention dates to early July so that President Donald Trump can be nominated on July 4th, Independence Day, before communist New York Judge Juan Merchan’s sentencing scheduled for July 11th in the junk lawfare case against the Republican presidential nominee.