Bogus Rankings by Biased So-Called Historians and Scholars Place Obama Seventh, Biden Fourteenth, Reagan 16th, with Trump at the Bottom of the List of Best U.S. Presidents of All Time

In the latest controversial assessment of presidential legacies, the 2024 edition of the Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey has placed current White House resident Joe Biden at the 14th position, outranking notables such as Woodrow Wilson (D) and Ronald Reagan (R).

Michael Whatley, the Trump-Endorsed Candidate for RNC Chair, Previously Told Voters to Disregard Trump’s Endorsement of Rep. Ted Budd for Senate Days After Announcement — Also Shows No Concern for Voter Fraud Claims or Forensic Audit in North Carolina

On Monday, President Donald Trump officially announced his endorsement of Michael Whatley, the current Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, to succeed Ronna McDaniel as the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Penn State Professor Charged with Animal Cruelty After Being Caught Having Sex with His Pet Dog, Faces Additional Charges After Video Emerges of Him Sticking “Tree Branch” and “Lollipop” Into His Butt in Public Setting

In a shocking development, an acclaimed Penn State professor, Themis Matsoukas, who was previously charged with animal cruelty after being caught engaging in bestiality with his pet dog, is now facing additional charges following the revelation of further disturbing acts captured on videos, New York Post reported.

REPORT: FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago Targeted “Missing Top-Secret Binder” Revealing Obama’s CIA and Foreign Allies’ Role in Russia Collusion Hoax (VIDEO)

In an explosive development, sources close to a high-profile investigation have revealed that the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago was specifically aimed at recovering a “missing top-secret binder.” This document is rumored to contain damning evidence of former President Barack Obama’s CIA’s involvement in initiating the Russia collusion narrative against President Trump.