SMURFGATE: Disgusting MSM Hit Piece Charges 16-Year-Old Loretta with Wearing Letters “HH” – Which Stands for Helly Hansen, not Heil Hitler!

  The attack on 16-year-old German girl Loretta continues: After her principal reported her to the police for TikTok posts including a Smurf video (Gateway reported), the usual suspects in the Trump-hating German mainstream media have ganged up on her to paint her as some sort of crypto-Nazi.

DING DONG: Victoria Nuland Steps Down After Gateway Pundit FOIA Request

Victoria Nuland, the architect of the disastrous US Ukraine policy since 2014, will be resigning “in the coming weeks” after Gateway Pundit filed a FOIA request to find out what her role was in the death of US journalist Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine, an outspoken Nuland critic who was subsequently arrested and tortured in Ukraine.

South Africa: White Farmers Arrested for Protesting, Which is “Inciting Violence”

  The authoritarian left-wing attack on conservatives around the world is picking up steam: Five well-known Afrikaner activists are now on trial in South Africa for the crime of protesting, which the government calls “inciting violence.” Political prisoners being persecuted worldwide include Tommy Robinson (now on trial in UK for eating breakfast in London), Julian Assange (facing his last extradition hearing for the crime of embarrassing Hillary Clinton, a capital offense) plus Peter Navarro, Rudy Giuliani, Owen Shroyer and all the J-6 political prisoners and persecuted Christians in the USA.

EU Parliamentarian Blasts Commissar Von der Leyen for Ignoring Gonzalo Lira’s Death, Calls for Independent Investigation

While EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised Ukrainian “democratic institutions” and promised more billions for the NATO proxy war in her speech before the EU Parliament, AfD MEP Bernhard Zimniok blasted von der Leyen and the EU for stonewalling the death of US journalist Gonzalo Lira and called for an independent investigation.

Ukrainian Spokesperson “Sarah” Cirillo Targets The Gateway Pundit – Instead of Apologizing for Gonzalo Lira’s Death “Sarah” Blames Lira’s Death on “Natural Cause”

The Ukrainian Army’s unhinged spokesperson Michael “Sarah” Cirillo has targeted The Gateway Pundit for reporting the truth about the death of US YouTuber Gonzalo Lira at the hands of the Biden and Zelensky Regime, while Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova urged Gonzalo Lira’s colleagues “to speak up in defense of those who today are in the dungeons of the Kiev regime, for those who are still alive and who can still fight for the truth.” Instead of apologizing for his role in Lira’s arrest and death and voicing condolences for a dead journalist colleague, he claimed dying in the Kiev regime’s custody is “dying of natural causes” and made light of “how Ambassador Brink Secretary Nuland and I are responsible for his chain smoking.” Cirilo is technically a “journalist,” although he denies Lira that honorific.

Thousands of German Farmers and Truckers Paralyze Berlin, Calling for Radical Left Wing Government to Step Down

Tractors, cars, and trucks blockading the “Avenue of June 17” leading up to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Thousands of farmers, truckers, tradesmen, and other hardworking German citizens have descended on the capital of Berlin to paralyze the city, with many vowing not to leave until the Left-Green government steps down, that has run Europe’s biggest economy into the ground.

American Journalist and Political Prisoner Gonzalo Lira, Known for Criticism of the Zelensky and Biden Regimes, Dies in Ukrainian Prison: Report

Tucker Carlson has reported that American journalist Gonzalo Lira, “Coach Red Pill,” has died in Ukrainian prison where he was held “for the crime of criticizing the Zelensky and Biden governments”- Gateway Pundit has written to the US Embassy in Kiev, who previously said they were “monitoring” the case of Gonzalo Lira.

Israel Victory: IDF Prepares to Flood Terror Tunnels as Hamas Monsters Hold 17 Women and Two Children Hostage

“Israel has assembled a system of large pumps it could use to flood Hamas’s vast network of tunnels under the Gaza Strip with seawater, a tactic that could destroy the tunnels and drive the fighters from their underground refuge but also threaten Gaza’s water supply,” The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing US officials.