BREAKING…NEW Police Report Verifies Law Enforcement Went Door-to-Door Confirming Fraudulent MI Voter Registration Ring…Where Are The Arrests?

Special thanks to Braden Giacobazzi and Phil O’Halloran and the Michigan GOP Election Integrity Group A second police report, this time from the Muskegon Police Department, describes the rampant voter fraud in the 2020 election in Muskegon further confirms the accuracy of the Gateway Pundit reporting earlier this month.

Trans and Antifa Activists Protest at Michigan Capitol Days after Nashville Slaughter, Demand More “Direct Action”

A relatively small group of militant left pro-transgender activists met for a protest today at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing, the same week as another pro-transgender activist slaughtered innocents in Nashville, Tennessee. This protest comes just three short days after Audrey Hale entered the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee and brutally gunned down three 9 year olds, and three adults at the Christian school.

FBI Agent to Get Probation on Thursday for Destroying Evidence in Arkansas Political Trial

Tomorrow, Thursday, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, former FBI Agent Robert Cessario will finalize a plea agreement to a federal felony with his former employer who is now prosecuting him, the Department of Justice, in which he will receive an incredibly lenient one year of probation for destroying evidence in a political trial involving former pro-Trump Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods.

Biden Eases Sanctions on Communist Venezuelan Govt

Biden’s administration yesterday authorized Chevron to begin drilling in Venezuela again, easing Trump-era sanctions and giving an economic lifeline to the tyrannical Maduro government who has brought the South American country to absolute economic ruin.

FACT-CHECK: NPR Wildly Exaggerates Studies to say Paying Addicts Keeps them off Meth

This article is cross-posted from the Gateway Pundit Fact-Check Bureau: Almost every study says that ‘contingency management’ makes a small positive impact on addicts staying clean for a few extra weeks, NPR exaggerates to say that paying addicts works and should be tried everywhere Link NPR provides to the study backing up their wild claims is laughably broken Left-wing worldview once again at odds with actual science and what studies actually say, pretty obvious unethical reporter didn’t even bother to read them OUR RATING: Major Negligence.

FACT CHECK: Did Biden Actually Say Afghanistan Wouldn’t End with Rooftop Helicopter Evacuations?

This article is cross posted at the Gateway Pundit’s Fact Check Bureau: Since the utter and shameful collapse of Afghanistan this month[3], a meme has been going around the internet that quotes Joe Biden with an especially poignant quote about the comparisons to the collapse of South Vietnam and the scenes of chaos as people were evacuated from the roof of the U.S.

JUNK JOURNALISM: WashPost Says Vaccine Skepticism is Fueling Violent Militias

This article is cross-posted at the Gateway Pundit’s Fact Check Bureau: WashPost makes vaccine resistance out to be advancing the evil agenda of the violent militias that blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City Quotes one of the most discredited sources on domestic politics possible: the Southern Poverty Law Center No proof of violence except for events 25 years ago, but still tries to fearmonger about alleged militia’s fashion choices at a singalong in Buffalo OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.

FACT CHECK: NYTimes Promotes Doctor Child Abuse: Propaganda Over Reality

This article is cross-posted from the Gateway Pundit’s Fact Check Bureau: TGP FactCheck Perri Klass gives “advice” on how to find an LGBT friendly doctor NYT continues to push radical medical measures on children Ignoring facts and scientific evidence, Perri Klass pushes an ideology rather than a serious attempt to address a complicated issue OUR RATING: Journalistic Malpractice.

EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Seen Drone Footage from Charlottesville 2017 Protests Reveals Enormous Extent of Media Lies and Propaganda

Never-Before-Seen Drone Footage from Charlottesville 2017 Protests Reveals Extent of Media Lies Shows there was almost no chance convicted driver James Fields knew that he was turning onto a street with extreme left-wing protesters as a gathering left-wing crowd waited while protesting through the whole city.

NPR Reporter Upset that Communists’ Right to Advocate Killing Cops is Unpopular

This article is also featured on TGP Factcheck Privileged VCU Student Body President and petit Communist Taylor Maloney tweets regularly about killing cops, VA NPR thus complains that ‘right wing media’ is ‘doxxing’ poor Maloney Utter hypocrisy of Communists complaining about not being protected enough by police and authorities while advocating their murder is completely lost on the humorless reporter Article lacks significant context that would show how irrational Maloney’s complaints are, such as the actual number of people killed by police each year OUR RATING: Journalistic Malpractice.

WashPost Complicit in Giuliani Smear, Alleges FBI Warning last fall that Rudy Completely Denies

This article is cross-posted at TGP Factcheck WashPost reporters doing Biden’s dirty work, attempt to paint Rudy as a Russian agent Try to make all of Rudy’s efforts as discretely directed by Russian agents Supposed warning given to Rudy by FBI never happened, according to Rudy, whole story is likely false OUR RATING: Journalistic Malpractice.