MUST SEE: Who Is The Voter Participation Center? – How One Group Is Identifying All of the Addresses in Swing States Where Ballots Will Be Sent to Phantom Voters (VIDEO)

Leftists create literally thousands of organizations – with the most innocent-sounding names – to hide their use of tax-free Dark Money to influence U.S. elections.

The Fractal team, using advanced quantum technology, entered this organization – The Voter Participation Center – and into its recently released Fractal Dark Money System and the results were shocking.

This one organization is tied to literally thousands of Leftist organizations, some tied to Chinese organizations, and in hundreds of cases tied to groups who are registering voters and running political campaigns.

Some of these connected organizations are tied to Chinese Communist organizations, as Fractal showed in other videos on our and Rumble sites.

The network of Leftist, tax-free Dark Money is vast – it is over a billion dollars, in every state, of Leftist assets – in play for the 2024 election.

In this video, the Fractal team went back to 2020 to show some of the influence of these organizations against President Trump.

The Fractal team, using advanced quantum technology, is currently identifying the addresses, in every swing state, plus Virginia, Colorado and Texas – where a mail-in ballot will be sent in the 2024 election and not find an eligible recipient.

NGOs, like some of the ones in this video, are registering illegal aliens and transients at locations where nobody lives and cannot live – because they do not have bedrooms.

The Fractal team built the technology to cross-search property tax rolls with voter databases to identify where these ballots will collect in 2024 – and an NGO – some of which are in this video – will vote them.

For the first time, it is now possible to attack the ballot mills, from NGOs, who are registering illegal aliens.

The Fractal system uses advanced snapshot analysis, not available with current technology – to see “new voters” aggregating at nonsensical addresses – like empty strip malls, warehouses and gas stations.

IMPORTANT: In 2024, 67% of the mail-in ballots, in the 7 swing states, cast against Trump and Republican Senate campaigns, will be cast by an NGO, some shown in this video, using illegal aliens as ballot-fodder, from addresses that can be identified now – and those ballots stopped before they get into the system.

The Fractal team will be publishing more videos, on the Gateway Pundit, of the major Dark Money groups, tied to Communist Chinese organizations – operating in each of the swing states.

Since this cannot be seen with any current technology, it will be the first time elected officials and citizens see Chinese-tied organizations operating in their states – to impact elections.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine, the foundational technology for the TSA No-Fly List and the fraud technology for 70% of the property insurance industry.  His Substack is at


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