VEILED THREAT? Joe Biden Claims Only Reason Trump is Ahead in the Polls is Because He Has Not Been Challenged “In a Way He’s About to be Challenged” (VIDEO)

Was this a threat?

Joe Biden sat down with Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos for an interview on ABC News on Friday.

The interview with a total dumpster fire.

Stephanopoulos repeatedly asked Biden about his cognitive decline.

“Are you the same man today that you were when you took office three-and-a-half years ago?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Do you dispute that there have been more lapses, especially in the last several months?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Can I run the 100 in 10 flat? No. But I’m still in good shape,” Biden said.

Stephanopoulos pressed Biden, “Are you more frail?”

“No,” Biden said.

Stephanopoulos also pointed to several polls showing Trump is beating Joe Biden in key swing states.

Biden snapped back and claimed the polling data was wrong.


Stephanopoulos said he has never seen a president of 36% approval get re-elected.

Biden denied he was polling at 36% approval and then issued a cryptic, veiled threat.

“Wouldn’t a clear-eyed political calculus tell you it’s going to be much tougher to win in 2024?” Stephanopoulos asked Biden referring to the abysmal polls.

Biden issued a veiled threat.

“Not when you’re running against a pathological liar. Not when he hadn’t been challenged in a way that he’s about to be challenged,” Biden said with a sinister look on his face.


What are Biden’s hatchet men planning next?

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