Trump VP Announcement Imminent

Screenshot: Donald J Trump/Youtube

Guest post by Kevin Rose

With one week until the expected announcement of President Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention, the odds for Trump’s VP selection are as follows, per Odds Checker.

  • J.D. Vance +250
  • Doug Burgum +255
  • Marco Rubio +900
  • Ben Carson +1600
  • Tim Scott +1800
  • Tulsi Gabbard +3000
  • Michael Flynn +3300

Trump has held his VP pick close to his chest. On June 23, Trump told the media that he made his selection, but said that he had not shared his pick with anyone, including the presumptive nominee.

On June 21, NBC reported that President Trump had narrowed his VP search to Vance, Burgum, and Rubio.

On July 8, Trump confirmed to Sean Hannity that Vance, Burgum and Rubio were under consideration.

On June 16, J.D. Vance convincingly won a VP preference straw poll conducted by Richard Baris at Turning Point USA. Among the 1,986 attendees polled, Vance received 43% of the vote.

Tim Scott received 15%. Doug Burgum and Marco Rubio each received 7%.

But the Turning Point faction represents only part of Trump’s coalition.

Turning Point favors the populist Vance, but Burgum boasts executive experience in the private sector and as governor.

Vance, Burgum, and Rubio spoke against Trump in recent years but reconciled with the President.

Given President Trump’s age, Trump said the top criterion for his VP selection is the candidate’s ability to serve as president.

Trump may surprise with an off-the-board selection. He carries heavy polling momentum into the Convention, bolstered by his historic debate performance over the enfeebled Joe Biden.

Trump may have the luxury to select the VP he wants, unlike in 2016, when he needed to weigh demographics with voting blocs.

Disgraced former Vice President Mike Pence disappeared from the public eye after his failed 2024 presidential campaign, and his VP odds are +56,000.

Previous VP frontrunners Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem saw their odds skyrocket to +19,000 and +30,000, respectively.

Tim Scott and Byron Donalds fell out of top betting market positions in light of recent VP shortlist reports.

Per the Trump campaign, President Trump’s VP announcement will come as soon as the first day of the RNC Convention, July 15.


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