RINO Utah Governor Spencer Cox Says He Won’t Vote for Trump in Upcoming Election, Repeating His 2016 and 2020 Stance

Gov. Spencer Cox’s interview on The Source

In a recent interview with CNN’s The Source, RINO Utah Governor Spencer Cox declared his refusal to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

This marks the third time Cox has taken such a stance, having previously refrained from supporting Trump in both 2016 and 2020.

Spencer Cox has been serving as the 18th governor of Utah since 2021.

The Democrat in Republican clothing has been criticized before for his views on certain issues, such as LGBTQ rights, the state’s COVID-19 response, and state spending, according to NPR.

Cox is famous for introducing himself with his pronouns when speaking to schoolchildren.

During the interview, CNN’s Kaitlin Collins asked Cox directly about his support for the Republican ticket, asking, “Are you supporting the top of your ticket in November? Are you supporting Donald Trump?”

“I’ve said before, I haven’t voted for the top of the ticket since 2012. I’ve certainly had my concerns. One of those is what happened on January 6. I’m hopeful. I want my party to win. They chose a candidate this time around that was not my first choice. Wasn’t my choice last time either,” Cox said.

While Cox claims to want his party to win, his actions speak louder than words. His refusal to support the chosen candidate of his party indicates a lack of unity and commitment to Republican values.

Cox continued, stating he would not be voting for either presidential candidate this year but instead writing in a candidate as he has done in the past.

“But I am supportive. I do want Donald Trump to succeed. I want my party to win. We desperately need the right people in the right positions,” Cox added.

Cox also expressed anticipation regarding who Trump will choose as vice president, suggesting that it could change his perspective in the upcoming election.

“I’m very anxious for who he picks as vice president. That’s going to make a big difference, I think certainly for me. I think Governor Burgum is an incredible leader. I think he’s somebody who could actually help to unite the party and lead us into November with President Trump.”


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