Raging Elephants in South Africa Trample to Death Tourist Who Stepped Out of the Car To Take Pictures

In yet another tragic incident befalling Western tourists in Africa, a Spanish tourist at a South African wildlife reserve was trampled to death by enraged Elephants, after he left his vehicle and approached a herd to take photographs.

This is at least the third such fatality on the continent in the last three months.

The 43-year-old Spaniard was killed on Sunday at Pilanesberg National Park, about 110 miles from Johannesburg.

Managers of the park said an adult female elephant charged at the man.

CBS News reported:

“‘He was unfortunately not able to escape or evade the elephant, which was now joined by the whole herd, and was caught and trampled to death’, [North West province’s Parks and Tourism Board] said.

‘The elephants moved away immediately from the scene without any aggression towards the nearby vehicles and eventually disappeared into the bushes’.”

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It’s reported that the elephant herd included young calves, which would explain why elephants react aggressively to the perceived threat.

“Police said the man’s fiancée and two other women, all from Johannesburg, were also in the vehicle and unharmed.

Piet Nel, acting chief conservation officer for the North West Parks and Tourism Board, said guests at Pilanesberg are told they are not allowed to leave their vehicles while driving through the park and must sign forms showing they understand the rules.”

2024 has been particularly dangerous, with Elephants killing two American tourists in separate attacks in Zambia.

In June, Juliana Gle Tourneau, from New Mexico, was killed when an elephant attacked their safari vehicle.

Earlier, in April, Gail Mattson, from Minnesota, was killed in a terrifying elephant attack captured in harrowing cell phone video (see below).

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