POLITICAL PERSECUTION: The Stench of Joe Biden Engulfs Brazil – Popular former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Is Indicted by Socialist Regime for Alleged Money Laundering and Criminal Association

As the winner of the heavily contested Brazilian Presidential election, Lula da Silva is bogged in an ineffective government with very little popular support; former President Jair Bolsonaro is still gathering huge crowds wherever he goes in the country.

But the stronger Bolsonaro gets, the more extreme the political persecution against him becomes.

Now, Brazil’s Federal Police have indicted Bolsonaro for ‘money laundering and criminal association.’

The charges are reportedly related to ‘undeclared diamonds’ received from Saudi Arabia during his time in office.

This week, Bolsonaro held a hero’s reception in the northern city of Belém.

Associated Press reported:

“Brazil’s Supreme Court has yet to receive the police report with the indictment. Once it does, the country’s prosecutor-general, Paulo Gonet, will analyze the document and decide whether to file charges and force Bolsonaro to stand trial.

This is Bolsonaro’s second indictment since leaving office, following another in May for allegedly falsifying his COVID-19 vaccination certificate. But this indictment dramatically raises the legal threats facing the divisive ex-leader that are applauded by his opponents but denounced as political persecution by his supporters.”

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Note also that Joe Biden’s regime supported and aided the Communist Lula de Silva during the very controversial election that saw the socialist criminal return to office.  And now it appears the Lula regime is using Joe Biden’s tactics to persecute his greatest political opponent like Joe Biden has done Donald Trump.

Biden is exporting his corrupt ways to South America.  Then his administration lectures on “democracy” to the American public with the assistance of his loyal acolytes in the fake news legacy media.

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Bolsonaro has denied any wrongdoing in these cases and the other sham investigations Lula's regime is conducting to prevent his likely return to power in the next election.

One of the most egregious charges is the probe on his possible involvement in inciting an 'uprising' in the capital Brasilia on Jan. 8, 2023.

Against all evidence, Lula's regime wants to frame him for seeking to oust Lula from power.

Wherever he goes, it's a 'Beatlemania-like' affair.

"Flávio Bolsonaro, the former president’s eldest son and a sitting senator, said on X after Thursday’s indictment that persecution against his father was 'blatant and shameless.'”

In addition to Bolsonaro, police indicted ten other people, including two of his lawyers, Frederick Wassef and Fábio Wajngarten.

Wassef hasn't had access to the investigation, and criticized the selective leaks to the press of an investigation 'under seal'.

“'I am going through all of this solely for practicing law in defense of Jair Bolsonaro. […] The Federal Police knows I did nothing related to what they are investigating, but they still want to punish me because I provide unwavering and permanent defense for former President Bolsonaro', [Wassef] said."

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