Oh My! Charles Payne Drops Biden Over Pandering for Votes at a Black Church: “Every Time Biden Is Around Black People, He Looks Like He Wants to Call the Police” (Video)

Fox Business host Charles Payne let loose on Joe Biden Monday, with a serious appearance slamming the effects of Biden’s economic policies on Black Americans and then later on Gutfeld! where he hilariously dropped Biden over his appearance at a Black church in Philadelphia Sunday.

Gutfeld! segment posted by Karli Bonne’:

Charles Payne: “…My favorite is when he’s around the brothers. Like the Juneteenth celebration. And then this Sunday he was at the Black church. Every time he’s around Black people he looks like he wants to call the police.”

Greg Gutfeld: “He used to.”

Payne: “He used to bring ’em! He’d bring a whole gang of paddy wagons. ‘Round ’em all up, we’ll figure out the charges later!’…That face, Did you see that at the church?”

Gutfeld: “Yes.”

Payne: “He was scared as hell. He says, he said he was raised in the Black church and the guy had to show him how to give the offering, ‘Like what? We’re usually taking money not giving it, dammit. I’m a Biden!”

The serious talk by Payne, posted by Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL):

ICYMI, video of Biden at Mount Airy Church of God in Christ in Philadelphia that Payne commented on:

Full Gutfeld! opening monologue with Payne’s intro at about 8:15:

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