NOW HE TELLS US: Chuck Todd Claims a Cabinet Member Told Him Two Years Ago That Biden Couldn’t Run Again (AUDIO)

NBC’s Chuck Todd said on a podcast this week that he was told two years ago by a cabinet member that Biden couldn’t run for reelection.

Isn’t the timing of this revelation convenient? Why are we just hearing about it now? The answer is simple. We’re hearing about it now because it’s helpful to the left now. This information would not have helped the left two years ago, so Todd sat on it.

It’s just amazing that people in media are suddenly so forthcoming with information about Biden.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

CHUCK TODD: I’m not gonna out the cabinet secretary, right? But I had a cabinet secretary two years ago, all out of the blue ask me, “Do you really think he’s gonna, he can’t run again like this?”

And I said, “Well, you have more interaction with him than I do.”

And they said, “I don’t have a lot of interaction with him.”

This is a pretty senior cabinet secretary. And this was two years ago.

This is one of those, you know, it’s the classic open secrets, a non-versation, right? It’s the story everybody knows and no one was, everybody was afraid to talk about…

But guess what, Democrats are no better here. They are no better on this front because it, it, it looks like they’re putting essentially party over country — and for what? They cannot, I mean, there is no evidence, this is irresponsible, there is no evidence he can serve four years.

There is no evidence he can serve four years and the fact that they have to drag — this White House had to, they had to drag it out of him that they’ve had this neurological test.

Listen below:

If Biden doesn’t drop out, it may be the media that ends up destroying his campaign. How’s that for irony?

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