Joe Biden Threatens to Send Out Attorneys General to Go After Grocers in Plan to Combat His Food Inflation Crisis

Grocery prices are soaring thanks to Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies.

The US economy is in bad shape because of Joe Biden’s war on domestic oil and the ‘Green New Deal’ disguised as the ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’

Moody’s Investors Service recently cut the US’s outlook to negative.

Moody’s lowered its ratings outlook on the US government citing high interest rates, government spending, and deficits.

Inflation is still high, grocery prices are up more than 19%, gas prices are still high and more than 15 million illegal aliens have poured over the border since Biden was installed in January 2021.

Most Americans are struggling to put food on the table thanks to Joe Biden.

This year’s Fourth of July cookout costs hit a record – up 30 percent from 5 years ago when Trump was in office.

“With plenty of options to feed a hungry crowd, a group of 10 this year can expect to pay $71.22 for their celebration, up 5% from last year and up 30% from five years ago. Nationally, this means we are surpassing $7 per person for the first time, with the total meal coming to $7.12 a person. Only two dishes decreased in price while everything else on your table rose, on average. Your grocery bill may be a shock, but it is in line with the inflation that has roiled the economy – including the farm economy – over the last several years,” according to this year’s American Farm Bureau Fourth of July market basket survey.

Joe Biden is now threatening to jail grocers to combat his inflation crisis.

“Grocery costs are too high for families across the country,” Biden said on X. “We have a plan to tackle them.”

Biden’s plan includes deploying state attorneys general to go after grocers for “price gouging.”

Grocery prices are not soaring because of price gouging.

Biden also called on grocery chains to lower costs.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden also announced his Regime will provide low-income families of four $2,000 more for groceries by “improving SNAP and launching summer EBT” – the government spending BILLIONS of dollars a year on SNAP contributes to higher inflation.

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