HuffPost Reported to FBI for ‘The Most Dangerous Headline in American History’ After Supreme Court Ruling

Trump Derangement Syndrome has all the qualities of a powerful addiction. Like many addicts, TDS-afflicted liberals in the establishment media need ever-stronger rhetorical drugs to reach the same exhilarating heights.

On Tuesday, HuffPost satisfied its junkie-like craving for continually-escalating anti-Trump hatred by publishing a “dangerous” headline that prompted social media users to tag both the FBI and the Secret Service.

“Supreme Court Gives Joe Biden The Legal OK To Assassinate Donald Trump,” the reprehensible headline reads.

On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a very mild ruling that acknowledged presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts. In other words, when a president takes action in an official capacity, that president need not fear the Soviet-style tactics of intimidation and retribution presently employed against Trump by Democratic Party operatives.

In a practical sense, the ruling did not specifically exonerate Trump. But it did impose requirements on lower courts that in all likelihood will delay the prosecution of his ongoing felony cases, including those pertaining to his righteous protest against the scandalous and “rigged” 2020 presidential election.

Even the former president’s May 30 conviction in a sham trial — brought for political reasons only and then milked for political gain by the corrupt and mentally decomposing President Joe Biden, as well as by his deranged surrogates — will result in a sentencing delay thanks to Monday’s SCOTUS ruling.

News of those delays resulted in unhinged Democrats’ heads exploding.

In that sense, therefore, HuffPost merely took its cue from party leaders and ratcheted up the anti-Trump invective.

On the social media platform X, however, users took issue with the violent headline and even tagged federal authorities.

“This is the most dangerous headline in American history,” one user wrote.

“@fbi the @HuffPost is threatening President Trump. Do your job and investigate immediately,” another user wrote.

In another example of diminished confidence in federal law enforcement, one user tagged the FBI while parenthetically admitting the futility of the effort to engage that tyrannical bureau on Trump’s behalf.

Even prominent conservative accounts took notice.

“End Wokeness,” an account with more than 2.6 million followers, tagged the Secret Service.

“CC: @SecretService. PS: Delete your joke of news site,” the tweet read.

Conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley summarized the situation as part of a lengthier post to his 1.5 million followers on X.

“Anyone calling for Biden to use lethal military force against Trump is effectively calling for Trump’s assassination. Report them to X and proper law enforcement authorities. These Marxists are getting desperate … and violent,” O’Handley wrote.

The contempt directed toward Trump by the entire establishment, including its media minions, began with simple mockery and a treasonous Russia collusion hoax concocted in secret — the sort of thing the deep state has always done. It allowed them to feel superior — what they really crave — while still plotting behind the scenes.

Eight years later, however, the thrill from those early lies and machinations has vanished. The desperate establishment junkies need a new high. Hence the unashamed public references to assassination.

How far might they go to satiate their Trump-hating addiction? Without an intervention, who can say?

One thing, however, is certain. The HuffPost headline represents the outer limits of what any peace-loving society can tolerate in its political rhetoric.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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