Hope for 2024: Today There Is Technology to Stop the Postal Service Steal in the 2024 Election

Alleged fraudulent registrations delivered by mail to a Michigan clerk’s office weeks before the 2020 election.

Mail-in ballots, from ineligible locations, in 15 counties, across 7 swing states will determine the next president.  Several senators as well.

The Republican Party has no visibility to even one of these locations.

Fractal technology, across most swing states, sees thousands of these locations, their millions of ineligible voters, registered at Walmarts, gas stations and abandoned strip malls – now.

Leftists, currently operating most of the U.S. Government, aren’t going to let Trump win.

America is about to see the convergence of every type of election fraud, some subtle and some in-your-face, to retain the Left’s power.

Mail-in ballots from ineligible locations constitute the largest single entity that can be manipulated – and voted – by the Left.  NGOs spent every waking moment for the last 4 years registering – often illegals – now it’s time to harvest the crop.

Just this week, the Left is marshaling their “big guns” to make sure no law is passed to stop illegal alien voting – they know they need those votes.

500,000 such illegal ballots – in each swing state.  Republicans have zero technology to find them.

Mail-in ballot fraud requires the cooperation of the United States Postal Service, or some of its employees, to get ballots into Leftist’s hands – to be voted by NGOs against Trump and counted securely by the 100,000 poll watchers Republicans and Democrats are hiring.

Here’s how the Left is going to do it, and here’s how quantum technology is going to screw them up.

When Fractal started publishing videos of the “voters living in places without bedrooms,” we received emails – leading to phone calls, sometimes meetings, several times testimony under oath with one of the field teams.

Those emails were from Postal Service mail carriers.

That is the postman, the person with the large leather bag, filled with junk mail, your dog probably loves.

Several carriers told us they collected undeliverable mail-in ballots, in 2020 and 2022 and returned them to the central office.  Carriers were told to put these ballots in a special bin.  They testified these were given to Leftist groups.

There were enough emails, from different states, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan come to mind, indicating organization.

We cannot stop Post Office employees giving undeliverable ballots to Leftists.  Neither can you.

We can, and will, in 2024, stop many of these undeliverable ballots from going to ineligible addresses – with the Undeliverable Ballot Database, keeping them out of the grasp of the Post Office.

Some election scams are more subtle – and one only discovers them long after the horse departed the barn.

The Wisconsin team interviewed Postal Service workers – as opposed to mail carriers.  They met with whistle-blowers who worked in the central sorting facilities.  Here’s what they learned.

In 2020 and 2022, particularly in Milwaukee, the Postal Service workers were able to discern electronically if a mail-in ballot came from a Republican or a Democrat.  There was, according to this witness, an indicator on the envelope.

Maybe, maybe not.

The Wisconsin voter integrity team was contacted by Republican voters and registrars across Wisconsin – complaining their ballots were never counted in the recent election.  The registrar determined they were sent a ballot.  The voter knows they filled it out and mailed it back.  It was never counted.  Go figure.

Since the voter cannot tell if their ballot was counted until 45 days after the election, where it shows in their voter history file, they were pretty much out of luck.

It is interesting that in Wisconsin, perhaps other states, all mail, even to the guy down the street, goes centrally to the Milwaukee Postal Service facility, is sorted and sent back to the town.

There is a central point of control for mail-in ballots – which is helpful for this sort of thing.

The witness, still employed at the Postal Service, said of Republican ballots, many of them were shredded – while other ballots were not.

Hundreds of ballots were collected, and 6 rubber bands were placed around them.  They were placed into a “recycle bin” outside the central Post Office.  Our witness saw people climb into the recycle dumpster, remove only the ballots with the rubber bands and depart.

Nobody will ever prove this – one way or the other.

It doesn’t matter, either way, because for 2024, we are going to cut the cards and make sure we stop the Postal Service from ever receiving such a charge again.

The Fractal team is implementing mail-in ballot tracking for every ballot, mail-in or in-person, throughout the election – in most, we hope, every swing state.

Here’s how it works.

Teams using Fractal in swing states currently have the voter rolls for their state operational in Fractal – so with one click they can see all the data for any voter across many databases.  Those include property tax rolls.

There is an informative video titled “Who Won Georgia 2020” that shows how to do it – so check that out.

Fractal has visibility to every voter in every swing state, plus shortly Colorado, Virginia, Texas and a few others.

The teams in each state connected Fractal systems with some of the voter apparatus to track to whom a ballot is sent.

This is complicated stuff.  In North Carolina, the voter systems are primitive, but the interfaces are modern.  Fractal gets voter data instantly, but it has lots of control characters embedded that must be removed.

In Wisconsin, Fractal ties to their cast ballot system – and can track who has yet to vote.

In Virginia, where Fractal is just getting started, the voter rolls are $17,000 so the team hit up some donors.

In Texas, when the Secretary of State heard it was the Fractal team who paid the $1,500 for the current voter roll, that department refused to work with us – even after we wrote a check – until we had the Attorney General office force the issue.  If you watch the Texas videos on the Omega4America.com site, you will see why the Texas Secretary of State did not want Fractal in those voter rolls.

Fractal tracks when the ballot is returned to the registrar – filled in and voted.

This is where the fun happens.

Remember, our strategy is to stop mail-in ballots from going to ineligible addresses.

That keeps them out of the hands of the NGOs and the Postal Service.  No fake ballots from the Walmart or strip mall – no inventory with which to commit trouble.

Illegal aliens NGOs registered for the last 4 years reside about 90% at ballot farms which show up in Fractal via time series analysis – so they can be taken out.

While Leftists are stopping Congress from preventing illegal alien voting, the states using Fractal pretty much know who the illegals are because they show up at common addresses.

Fractal teams are challenging illegal aliens BEFORE ballots are mailed to them.

That screws up the Left – the Wisconsin team is executing this today and the Leftist screams are loud enough we almost hear them here in Texas.

Lawyers from several states spent a good part of the 4th of July holiday with the Virginia and Wisconsin and Texas team going over legal strategies being used in their states plus Pennsylvania – so this can be successfully executed.  Be hopeful!

Using quantum technology, Fractal tracks every ballot that goes out.  If it goes to an ineligible address, teams challenge it that day!

All other legitimate mail-in ballots are tracked through their lifecycle.

Fractal tracks when the ballot returns – with a close to real-time view of every mail-in ballot in every swing state from a profiled address to know if it was “lost” in a Postal Service shredder.

Since the Left sold the swing states on mail-in ballots for everything, the Left over-invested in the easy fraud of NGO ballot mills and shredding Republican ballots with their union friends in the Postal Service.

Surprise! Now, we have a close-to-real-time inventory of who voted and whose ballot should have been counted but was not.

Any Republican ballot not back at the registrar within 72 hours is flagged and the voter notified.  Welcome to quantum computing!

Every profiled voter (a voter with a likelihood to vote Republican) is tracked up to election day and harassed/gently encouraged until they vote.

The RNC and some of the grifter groups in its orbit are all-in on ballot harvesting.  They are registering people in bars and gas stations.  Many get a cut of the funding for these expensive efforts.

Yet, they do not have the technology to track their voters to see if they voted.  The RNC strategy is to register everyone, and hope they vote.

Read that again. 

The RNC does NOT have the real time technology, to track every voter, determine if they voted, send their info instantly to a caller who then gets them to the polls.

We do.  Fortunately, we do not need the RNC to help win this election.

With Fractal and the teams in the swing states – every voter can be tracked to see if they received a ballot – if they returned it – and IF IT WAS COUNTED or shredded – BEFORE THE ELECTION, NOT MONTHS LATER!

This creates a new narrative.

The Lefties go wild because some high-tech guys are “disenfranchising” their voters.  Oh my!  Call the Justice Department.

Aha, Fractal teams aren’t disenfranchising anyone.

If Phineas, who the Lefties admit lives in a Walmart and Dottie who lives in a 7-11 want to vote, they just show up in person, put down their Big Gulp, grab a Sharpie and vote at the polling place.  No disenfranchisement.

The Fractal team – in each state – creates videos, by the hour, publishing the physical street view of each address – showing everyone, even the Leftist reporter in her Birkenstocks, the address is a closed coffee shop in an empty strip mall, next to a decrepit JC Penney – and it is illegal to knowingly send a ballot to such an address.

The Left knew in 2024 they might need those 500,000 souls in each swing state to vote their way.  The Left invested in illegal aliens being registered.  They invested in mail-in ballots to ineligible locations – collected by ballot mill NGO operators.

The Left knew the RNC had neither the technology nor the will to stop illegal aliens from voting.

The Left knew there might be friendlies in the Postal Service who would lend a hand – and some did.

Now it’s way too late to change course.  Live by mail-in ballot fraud, lose by mail-in ballot fraud that has been thwarted.

Fractal technology sees what relational technology – used by the RNC and the Left – cannot see.

Fractal turns the lights on – across key counties in the swing states – and now everyone can see a ballot that should not go to a gas station – and enough ballots can be impacted to stop the Left, and its Postal Service pals, from interfering again in a national election.

In 2024, teams using Fractal technology don’t want to believe the Postal Service will interfere in a national election.

They are cutting the cards – removing that possibility.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the TSA No-Fly List, the eBay fraud engine and the fraud systems for over 70% of the auto insurance industry.  The Fractal team runs the largest election database ever created and built the Dark Money Tracking System.  Jay can be contacted at Omega4America.com





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