Gretchen Whitmer Backpedals Furiously After Report Claims She Told Biden Campaign He is Going to Lose Michigan

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer reportedly told the Biden campaign that he is going to lose her state in November. She was apparently reacting to Biden’s dreadful performance in the debate.

After this news was reported by the leftist outlet Politico, Whitmer did a full 180, insisting that Biden is absolutely going to win Michigan in November.

All of the Democrats are terrified that Biden is going to lose, but they have to be good team players and pretend that everything is just fine.

FOX News reported:

Whitmer claims those who think Biden can’t win Michigan are ‘full of s—’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took to social media to call out critics who say President Biden cannot win the swing state of Michigan.

“Anyone who claims I would say that we can’t win Michigan is full of shit,” Whitmer said in a post on X Monday. “Let’s go.”

The post comes after a Politico report Monday detailing a call between Michigan’s Democratic governor and Biden’s campaign, with Whitmer allegedly telling the president’s camp that her state could not be won after Biden’s poor performance in last week’s debate.

The call, which Politico reported was between Whitmer and Biden campaign Chair Jennifer O’Malley, centered around frustration Whitmer had that she was now being raised as a possible replacement for Biden in the race after his debate performance.

A source told Politico that Whitmer disavowed any effort to force Biden out of the race, though another source added that the governor warned the campaign she believed the state was no longer winnable for the president.

People in media were talking about the report today.

Here’s Whitmer’s tweet claiming Biden is totally going to win Michigan.

No Democrat wants to be the one to point out the obvious about Biden.

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