‘THE GREAT SEDUCER’: Macron Allows Leftists to Burn the French Republic to Try to Rule Over the Ashes

Rather than let the democratic process take its course and accept the principle of cohabitation with the right, Globalist poster boy and former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron decided instead to surrender France to the insane hard-left to obtain a hung parliament – and a chaotic hung parliament he got.

The unbridled leftists got more seats in the National Assembly, and its thugs are burning France and fighting the police in celebration.

But that does not hide the fact that, while Macron manufactured this situation, right-wingers from Marine Le Pen’s RN party GOT THE MOST VOTES!

They received 10,1M votes. That’s almost the almost triple of what they got in 2022 (3,5M).

The so-called ‘winners’ of the leftist Popular Front only had 7M. Macron’s coalition had 6,6M.

This election had way more voter participation than the previous – rising from 47% to 67%.

As for the number of seats, Le Pen’s party grew by 60% in the National Assembly – from 89 to 143. That’s momentum.

So, all the inevitable chaos we are about to watch engulf the French Republic will most probably boost Le Pen’s presidential candidacy, which is way stronger than it looks in the MSM.

Macron made a huge gamble by calling the snap election – and in the end it may even partially pay off – if his coalition allies with Les Républicains they may even get the ‘lead’ to form yet another minority government.

Meanwhile, Macron is a mess: no friends, only flunkies; no working coalition, just a mess of his own creation; no love from the citizenry – just the scorn from a betrayed nation in decline.

Daily News reported:

He really deeply needs to be loved,’ a member of Macron’s inner circle told […], with another adding: ‘He is the great seducer, he wants to seduce everyone… But much of France has a personal, violent hatred for him.’

They explained: ‘He is too young, too handsome and too bright for many French — and it is in our DNA to want to decapitate our leader’.”

If you think this sounds awfully juvenile – welcome to the club.

Macron presided over the collapse of French post-colonial power in Africa.

Of course, big-headed Macron also wants to charm world leaders, but with mixed results.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz – who should be his main ally – hates him. In China, it’s very much the same.

“Strongman President Xi ‘easily played on Macron’s “strategic narcissism”‘, […] with the French leader ‘unprepared for the flattery and manipulation the Chinese system is famous for’.

[…] In what is considered an ‘unforgivable breach of protocol’ in China, Macron’s speech is said to have gone on three times longer than his counterpart’s, with Xi reacting with increasingly agitated body language.”

Macron’s delusion is so great that he imagined could charm Vladimir Putin out of waging war on Ukraine for the Donbas region.

Not to mention Donald J. Trump:

“While a close advisor said Macron ‘hated Trump a lot… He was overconfident he could personally charm him, and it failed’.” 

Trump has famously mocked Macron by imitating his accent, taunting him over his ‘very low approval rating’ and tweeting ‘MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN’.

So, while he burns the republic to try to rule over the ashes, he nurses his depression by ‘role-playing’ the president and living in a PR bubble.

Remember when he released photos of himself boxing? Well, no he has channeled his ‘inner Zelensky’ in  a sort of ‘hipster war leader’ – unshaven and donning a dark hoodie.

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