CHAOS IN FRANCE: Leftists and Radical Jihadists Parade in Street Calling for Open Borders and Attacking Police Following Shock Election Victory (VIDEO)

France descended into chaos on Sunday as reports of leftists winning parliamentary elections started to emerge, leading white liberals and Jihadist illegal immigrants to take to the streets and cause violence.

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Sunday, Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Rally (RN) suffered an upset despite a strong showing in early polls and high voter turnout.

Far-Left ‘New Popular Front’ Set to Dominate French Parliament — Right Wing Party Ends Up in Third Place, Exit Polls Show

Per PBS, "The first round on June 30 saw the largest gains ever for the nationalist National Rally, which came out on top... No matter what happens, Macron’s centrist camp will be forced to share power — including possibly with a prime minister who deeply disagrees with the president’s domestic and foreign policies, in an awkward arrangement known in France as 'cohabitation.'”

During the second run-off vote, a left-wing alliance sunk the RN party's previously expected majority in the 577-member National Assembly, which will likely lead to a coalition between French President Emmanuel Macron's left-wing Ensemble coalition and RN in the minority.

Euro News reported, "The New Popular Front (NFP), a hastily formed coalition of socialists, communists, greens and the leftist France Unbowed party, is set to take between 172 and 192 of the chamber’s 577 seats, Ipsos predicted."

Despite this victory, Communist leftists and radical Jihadists are still taking to the streets to cause chaos. Only from the left do you see rioting after a favorable result!

RAV correspondent Ben Bergquam reported from France on the leftists and masked illegals calling for mass migration, holding signs that read "la france est tissu de imigrations" (France is a fabric of immigration) and damaging property. Bergquam notes that the white liberals holding their transgender and gay flags were celebrating their own demise and enabling the millions of illegals to overthrow their nation:

They later began attacking the police and throwing glass and explosives at them:

More explosives and fire in the streets of France:

Coming soon to America...

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