The Fastest You’ll Ever See Biden Move! Joe Biden Quickly Shuffles Out of Room as Reporters Shout Questions (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday emerged from hiding to attend his first public event for the day at 4:45 pm ET.

Biden delivered remarks at a Medal of Honor Ceremony at the White House in the East Room.

“President Biden awarded posthumous Medals of Honor on Wednesday to two Army privates who were part of a plot to hijack a train and destroy Confederate infrastructure during the Civil War. Mr. Biden said the honor was a “long time coming.”” – CBS News reported.

“The president honored Philip Shadrach and George Wilson for their “gallantry and intrepidity” in carrying out a covert operation called the “Great Locomotive Chase,” which played out 200 miles behind Confederate lines in Georgia in 1862, the White House said. Union soldiers dressed as civilians infiltrated the Confederacy, hijacked a train and drove it north for 87 miles, destroying Confederate infrastructure along the way.” CBS News reported.

Biden robotically shuffled into the East Room. His son Hunter was also in attendance.


Hunter was spotted at the White House event:

Joe Biden delivered brief remarks (he read from a teleprompter) and then literally ran out of the room without answering any questions.

This is the fastest you’ll ever see Biden move!

Reporters were shouting questions as Biden speedily shuffled away.


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