EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bannon with The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft on Coordinated Deceit of the American Left and their Patsies, Corrupt Voter Rolls, the 25th Amendment, and Nikki Haley (AUDIO)

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On Sunday, Jim Hoft spoke with former Chief Strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, on the day before he reports to prison for not testifying before the illicit January 6 Committee in 2021.

Steve will now serve four months in prison, starting on Monday. Democrats will lock up the most important voice for MAGA besides President Donald Trump for skipping a hearing on Pelosi’s insurrection.

On Sunday, Jim Hoft and Steve Bannon discussed how to challenge the millions of fake voters listed on voter rolls across the country.

Steve was not interested in feeling sorry for himself. His focus is on saving the country.

God Bless Steve Bannon.

On the Persecution of Conservatives and Donald Trump

Jim Hoft: John Karl is asking you about retribution. And I’m thinking to myself, scratching my head and saying, do they even understand what they’re doing to Donald Trump, what they’re doing to you, what they’re doing to gateway pundit, too? I mean, it’s unbelievable.

Steve Bannon: Yeah. It’s literally unbelievable. But in the interview, it shows you how tone deaf they are. Not just tone deaf. They’re blind. All they care about is keeping their power. They see it slipping away.

They’re very nervous about the investigations that we’re going to launch on them and the deep state. You saw Karl today was obviously very nervous. He’s concerned about the media. Because they know the collaboration between the propaganda media companies. It’s the regime’s propaganda Department.

If these people haven’t done anything wrong, what are they also scared about? Why are they so worried? Why are they so worried? If you haven’t done anything wrong, everything will be fine. But if you’re Clapper, or Michael Hayden, or Comey, or McCabe, or Merrick Garland, you should be very worried.

Jim Hoft: Absolutely. For what they did to this country, and this President, and to people like you, It’s unbelievable.

The Emergency to Clean Up the Voter Rolls

Jim Hoft: Here are a couple of things I wanted ask you… One was, we found out that all of these voter registrations and all of these voter roles in these battleground states, we’re seeing, I know you know this, in Wisconsin, a million extra, or three million.

In Michigan, they got a million extra. What we’ve learned is that – the Republicans and Conservatives need to address this before August 7th because there’s a timeline that you can’t challenge the voter rolls 90 days out…

MAJOR WARNING: If Republicans Want to Win in 2024 We Have Less than Two Months to Clean Bloated Voter Rolls — August 7th Is Cut-Off Date

...And I'm wondering, why aren't we focusing on that more? Why aren't we telling everybody to get out and make sure that they can help with this issue?

Steve Bannon: It's absolutely got to be a top priority. It's absolutely critical.

Jim Hoft: As you know it's their way to steal it.

Steve Bannon: They need a corrupt voter roll to be able to create the phony ballot.

On the Coordinated Deceit of the American left and their plans to drop Old Joe

Steve Bannon: On the political side, we have to make the process of changing from Biden to whoever they change to, whether it's Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama or Whitmer or whoever, is we have to toxify that process.

We have to show how they lie to the... They hate democracy. The simple reason is that they stole from every Democratic primary voter. Remember, they didn't really have a primary. They shut it down because they didn't want Bobby Kennedy on the stage with Joe Biden... Then here you are; they're anti-democratic.

That's what we have from now until the Democratic Convention, we have basically, I think, 30, 45 days to toxify their process and let the American people see what happened because they've known Biden is in this shape for a while.

And to let them know they didn't have a primary. They didn't want Bobby Kennedy to be a challenger. Now, they want to do power politics, and in a smoke-filled room. I think the American people need to fully understand what went on here. They'll be revolted by it, and Trump will win by 60 or 65 - 35.

On the Democrat Party's deep-seated hatred of the American people

Jim Hoft: Steve, I agree with you 100% on that, of course. Another thing, too, is the fact that the Democrats and the media got exposed. And it's not just that Joe Biden has serious dementia, which we all knew back in 2020. We've been saying that for years.

Yes. But the fact that they were just, what was it, two weeks ago, they're talking about deep fakes and stuff, deep fake videos that Joe Biden seems fine. These are doctored videos. They hate the American public. I think that's what it exposes. They really hate people in this country to do that to us.

Steve Bannon: Here's what I think is it's just not political class. It's just not the political operatives or apparatchiks in the White House. This is at the highest level of the media companies. The fix was in on this in August. They all know it.

They've known this for over a year, and that's the national security aspect of it. It leaves politics aside. They put the country in jeopardy. When they look at Ukraine, look at Zelenskyy, he's in full. Zelenskyy in 72 hours, lost Biden, is going to lose Boris Johnson and the Tories, and is losing France, Macron.

So, this is a national security issue. The Biden's situation, that's why I think Trump did earlier to expose, it's beyond hypocrisy, but how much they don't care about the country. Because now we have a national security crisis that can only be rectified by the 25th Amendment.

We can't get to January to a Trump presidency, with Biden right now. This is not about the policy. There's no chance to be President of the States. That's impossible. Nobody will do that. It's ridiculous. All the big Democrats are calling it so big. From The New Yorker to The Atlantic magazine to The New York Times, main editorial.

So that's ludicrous. But what has to happen, that's why somebody's got to make a move on the 25th Amendment now.

Jim Hoft:  Right. Absolutely. And I hope I didn't lose you there. Yeah, they're here. Yeah. And I think we're in a delicate situation, too, because Obviously, it would help Republicans if Joe Biden is running, but the country comes first. So what do you do? And at the same time, you don't want one of these RINOs to screw the party and usher in another four years of Marxism.

On Nikki Haley

Steve Bannon:  You're seeing Nikki Haley already, she's making moves.

Jim Hoft:  Oh, disgusting.

Steve Bannon: It's disgusting but she's out there.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve Bannon and our country at this time.


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