Ex-Clinton Adviser: ‘Comatose Joe’ is Much Better Option Than Kamala

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Many donors skeptical of VP’s appeal should she replace Biden at top of ticket

Joe Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris, has established a stunning record of nonaccomplishment.

Assigned to root out the causes of the flood of illegal aliens under Biden’s open borders policy, she didn’t.

Her speeches have been best known for her word salads, sometimes even more abstract than Biden’s, such as her observation, multiple times in one paragraph, that the “passage of time” is significant, and her cackling laugh, unleashed at the most inopportune times.

Her approval ratings constantly have been underwater, sometimes by far.

But as vice president, her name clearly is a subject of discussion as more and more evidence is revealed about the exact nature of Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline, which resulted in his recent “disastrous” debate performance.

But one former adviser to Bill Clinton noted that as unattractive as Biden has become to independent voters – those who are ready to swing back and forth and frequently are the deciders in an election, Harris is less attractive.

“Kamala Harris is more threatening to those swing voters than a dead Joe Biden or a comatose Joe Biden,” former Clinton adviser Paul Begala said. “So if Joe has to go, it’s gonna be Kamala and if it’s Kamala, it’s gonna be harder.”

Analysts already have confirmed that if Biden is taken off the top of the Democrat ticket, election finance rules make it almost impossible to transfer the tens of millions of campaign dollars to another candidate, unless it would be Harris.

The Washington Examiner reported, “While top Democratic consultants debate the proper course of action for the party following President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance, many donors are skeptical of Vice President Kamala Harris’s appeal should she be tapped to replace Biden at the top of the ticket.”

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